Saturday, January 12, 2008

Gimme Your Stuff

So I found this blog called "Gimme Your Stuff" here and now I am interested. Basically you add a post on your blog, and you can "swap" with people around the world. So here's what I can offer:

1. Craft supplies- fabrics, yarns, stationary items, scrapbook paper, etc. you name it I'm sure I can find it.

2. US magazines, books

3. Music- nothing too mainstream unless that is something you request and know what it is you want.

4. Food and Drinks from the area- I'm in Austin, TX.

5. Mention it and I'm sure I can find it.

What I am hoping for:

1. Various craft supplies from wherever you may be, especially fabrics, markers/pens, and papers -I'm big into origami right now

2. Cultural magazines, and newspapers

3. Mixed CD of music, with a playlist

4. Candies or favorite drinks from the area

Contact me by adding comments or


Hassan said...

Sorry about the late reply, I've had a busy few days. I would love to swap with you, I'll be in touch by e-mail in a few days,

cherrysa said...


I am from Malaysia and is interested to swap with you.

or email me at

Karen Callora said...

greetings from the Philippines. :)

I would love to swap with you. Im Karen. If youre interested, please email me at

Here's my swap list:

almeyna said...

I´m from Spain, i would like to swap with you¡¡¡

If you´ll interested take a look:

or send me a mail to: